the refugees' daughter


first generation
southeast asian american; khmu & iu mien
she/they means I carry my people with me

Photo Credit: Lara Kaur


my name is
Janit Von Saechao

I am a non-binary, indigenous Khmu and Iu Mien writer and creator currently residing in Portland, OR. Born and raised in the East Bay Area, I am the first child of refugees from the U.S. Secret War in Laos. Throughout my childhood, I experienced the incarceration and deportation of my father, moving me to dedicate my life's work to elevating the narratives of my peoples. My pieces are often uncensored documentations of my most vulnerable moments of growth, change and discovery. I recognize that my voice, in its many forms has been the basis of my survival and ability to thrive. Through creating, I explore my relationships with my identities while actively striving toward artistic and cultural preservation for my peoples. I dream of a future for my community that allows us to return to what we have always known— a life that is decolonized and full and free.