Janit Von Saechao
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janit von saechao

first generation
khmu & iu mien american

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Warrior womxn shaped from red earth & rice water.

I’m a non-binary, indigenous Khmu and Iu Mien writer and creator currently residing in Portland, OR. Born and raised in the East Bay Area, I am the first child of refugees from the U.S. Secret War in Laos. My creative works are often uncensored documentations of my most vulnerable moments of growth, change and discovery. I recognize that my voice, in its many forms has been the basis of my survival and ability to thrive. Through creating, I explore my relationships with my identities while actively striving toward artistic and cultural preservation for my peoples. I dream of a future for my community that allows us to return to what we have always known— a life that is decolonized and full and free.